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Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy 

Our Career Outplacement and Navigation Philosophy

Work environments are constantly changing and job roles disappear and new roles are created. Career Navigation assistance is often triggered by a retrenchment or a crisis such as extreme dissatisfaction with a career or a role. Not everyone is clear about their direction; often the burning question is…



The answer becomes apparent when you gain confidence in your knowledge of yourself, your desired career direction and your commercial offer, and you take control of your career.

It is also important to:

  • Know the latest (successful) way to structure your resume, LinkedIn profile and prepare job applications
  • Be prepared (and know how to prepare) for job interviews
  • Know job search techniques
  • Have a job search plan and a career plan


Our Business Principles 

All Nine Lives Consulting’s business decisions; Commercial offers, methodology, personnel policies, delivery processes and commercial practices are based on and must conform to the following principles. 



All Nine Lives Consulting’s business decisions; Commercial offers, methodology, personnel policies, delivery processes and commercial practices are based on and must conform to the following principles.

  1. Comply with our legal obligations
  2. Act fairly
  3. All services must be fit for purpose.
  4. Best possible care and skill must be applied in all service delivery.
  5. Always act in the client’s best interest.

To illustrate how these principles manifest themselves in our approach, we provide the following examples:

Comply with our legal obligations.

a) We comply with all relevant commercial, taxation and accounting rules and laws

b) NLC does not accept payments with undocumented cash

c) NLC does not pay its suppliers or consultants with undocumented cash.

d) NLC does not pass on any of its client or participant information to any third party without the consent and direction of the client or participant.

e) NLC does not accept any hidden commissions from third parties.

f) NLC complies with the strictest of all its client requirements which include ethical sourcing, avoidance of conflict of interests, minimal carbon footprint, diversity and respect for the individual.

Do not mislead

All NLC services are comprehensively defined in our brochures, proposals and website.

Act Fairly

NLC always considers the client and the participant when deciding on discretionary elements of our services.

a) Participants have access to the service and their nominated consultant as long as they desire, apart from specified programs with specific engagement criteria, such as a specified number of meetings.

b) Extensive use of the service does not precipitate a request for further funds from the client unless it is a condition of the program commitment or commission.

Fit for Purpose

All programs are specifically designed to achieve their end goal.

All programs and program materials are constantly reviewed and revised to reflect consultant observations, client needs and prevailing industry wisdom and practices.

Consultants are not allowed or enticed to take shortcuts, our remuneration approach encourages maximum contact, not the reverse as is the case with many providers in this industry.

Best Possible Service Care & Skill

a) NLC recommends and wherever possible, insists on face to face consulting on a timetable and schedule that suits the participant.

b) NLC consultants focus initially on restoring the participant’s self-confidence and self-esteem, then address the elements of the remainder of the particular program in order of importance according to each individual participant.

c) Wherever external expertise is recognised as being desirable, a full and open discussion will be undertaken with the participant followed by actions that have been agreed to by the participant.


Always act in the client’s best interest

a) NLC sees itself as having two types of client; one is the sponsoring employer, the other is the participant.

b) NLC will always act in a way to ensure that the sponsor’s money is being honestly and purposefully expended on the prescribed program.

c) NLC will always ensure that the best possible, bespoke support, within the capabilities of NLC and its commercial offer, are provided to the participant so that the participant completes the program in a better position of self-knowledge and self-confidence that when they commenced the service.