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Change Management – Exit Interviews – Expert Witness

HR Consulting

A well considered approach

Exit Interviews

A simple way to watch for emerging issues is a qualitative and quantitative, confidential interview of departing employees by an independent researcher. Under these circumstances departing staff are inclined to be very honest about their impressions.

Change Management

Every change faces different hurdles. We can assist in embedding change that is sustainable and effective:

  • Preparatory seminars on change,
  • Deeper intervention such as team improvement
  • Personnel assessment to ensure good fit and suitability for new roles
  • Position description and appropriate style of employee to bring in different practices

HR Manuals

It is incumbent on any organisation to have a complete and documented set of HR polices to ensure compliance with the legal requirements and equitable treatment for all employees.

Expert Witness

The consultant team of Nine Lives Consulting is highly and broadly experienced in the issues effecting the re-employment of individuals and their opinions are independent and credible which can be useful in the case of dispute

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