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Career Navigation Services

Career navigation.

Our Career Navigator Programs:

Return To Work

The Career Navigator™ Return  Program consists of three staged elements: prior to departure, prior to return and on return. Three unique program types are available:
Essentials: suited to young people and those with unsophisticated roles. Manager: designed for older and/or long serving personnel and managers. Executive : the most complex set of services.

Career Direction

Career Navigator™ Focus

When looking for a new role, our Focus program provides candidates with clarity about three main issues;

  • What you can do and if the level of the role is right for you.
  • The nature of the organisation that suits you and promotes your commitment.
  • The micro culture in which you thrive.


Career Navigator™ Job Seeker

Job Seeker arms the employee with understanding of aspirations, capabilities and suitabilities. It provides resume and interview skills, so to better rticulate their commercial offer, aspirations and suitability for roles.

Re-enter the Workforce

Our Career Comeback Program teaches how to navigate your way through a minefield of potential mistakes, extreme market place competition and give agility and confidence to manage your own future directions. This knowledge and confidence assists in addressing fears, anxiety and self-doubt about returning to the workforce. It will teach you how to update your resume, prepare for job interviews, present yourself in the best light, and give you the latest strategies in job search techniques and understand your stress reactions

Vocational Guidance

Career Navigator™ Insight 

The most suitable vocation for each person is completely dependent on each individual’s personality, interests and aptitudes. The Insight program consists of a series of well-established and tested questionnaires and discussions that identify aptitudes, skills and consequently the best suited types of roles and environments. We then can establish your personal profile, your aptitudes and likely roles, your most suitable work style and develop your plan.

Proven programs, highest success rate.

Our Career Navigator Programs have been developed to best meet the needs of participants in mind, based on best practice methods. We can boast a very high success rate with our candidates, who not only find better outcomes, but also have a better understanding of themselves.

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