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Career Navigator:

Outplacement, Career Direction, Redeployment, Returning to base, Re-entering the workforce.


Career Navigator – Suite of Programs

Internal Redeployment?

Career Navigator – Job Seeker Program

Career Direction

Career Navigator – Focus Program

Expatriate or Parental Leave Return?

Career Navigator – Return Program

Returning to work after a longer absence?

Career Navigator – Career Comeback Program

Vocational Guidance

Career Navigator – Insight Program

Restoring Dysfunctional Teams?

Teams – Team Navigator Program

Establishing Rapport With Clients

Clients – Sales Navigator Program

Executive Onboarding

Career Navigator – Executive Navigator Program

Planning Retirement?

Career Navigator – Lifestyle Navigator Program

Career Coaching

Planned program focused on a specific outcome

Regular Review and Guidance

Career Navigator – Mentoring

Career services, outplacement services,  and career navigation advice is usually triggered by a crisis such as extreme dissatisfaction with a career or retrenchment.

Not everyone is clear about their direction; often resulting in the question…

Where to from here?

The answer becomes clearer with increased confidence in your knowledge of yourself, your desired career direction and your commercial offer. Add current methods for resumes and job search techniques and you take control of your career. This is the process of Outplacement.

Outplacement and redeployment

When a position becomes redundant, often the most appropriate and efficient response is to redeploy your skill set to another useful role in the organisation.
Our programs assist you to gain clarity about:

  • who you are,
  • what roles and environments suit you best and
  • what you have to offer.

Nine Lives Consulting provides highly successful Outplacement, Career Navigation Advice and Coaching for participants and organisations due to our unwavering focus on the participant achieving genuine self-confidence in their capabilities, personality and career direction.
We create tailored programs that are highly productive, insightful, successful and fascinating for participants.

Our Methodology

Our career navigation advice is focused on finding a fit for the individual and organisations through combining the unique essence of the individual and their sound commercial offer with the role at hand and the relevant organisational environment.
A dedicated consultant guides each program at the pace and frequency that suits the participant’s purposes.

All our programs are utterly confidential.

Each personal program is facilitated by the one dedicated consultant for the whole program using individual meetings and telephone discussions at the pace and frequency that os tailored to the needs of each person.

Start your journey today:

We can assist with a smooth transition when faced with down-sizing, retrenchment and organisational restructures. Our career navigation advice candidates gain confidence and agility while you gain continuity and support.

Contact us on +61 1300 425 592 or through our Contact Page.

We take the time to get to know you, develop career goals and align your skills and experience to find the best fit of organisation and role for you. We then coach you in all the latest job search skills including networking, job applications, interview practice and preparation, resumes, Linkedin and Fit to Criteria responses.

We help organisations plan and negotiate career transition options with employees on their behalf.

  1. Career Direction
  2. Onboarding. Assist and guide your settling in to a new role
  3. Behaviour issues. Manage a reset of particular issues or behaviours that are impeding your progress
  4. Team repair. We can identify the issues creating a dysfunctional team, especially relevant as Work From Home creates new pressures on skill sets of supervisors


Our career navigation services are suited to people at the beginning of their career, longer serving personnel and those in managerial roles and executives with more complex requirements.

Good retirement outcomes require clarity about who you are, your interests and what you have to offer. The many options available include paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, self-employment (consulting, contracting, own business) or refocussing on your hobbies and interests. 

Vocational Guidance is based on identifying the key types of roles and jobs  that match your aptitudes and interests and will provide a work style and environment that suits your personality and aspirations.

A dysfunctional team is best addressed by identifying  motivators, personality and aspirations within the team. Creating a common understanding and language enables realignment of roles and restores co-operation and trust.

All our programs are utterly confidential.
Each personal program is provided by the one dedicated consultant for the whole program using individual meetings and telephone discussions at the pace and frequency that best suits the recipient’s purposes.

What Clients Say?

After the company restructured, I was retrenched. Nine Lives Consulting helped me clarify new career goals, identified my broader capabilities, upgraded my resume and enhanced my interview skills. I found a new role as a senior HR manager within two months.

P.S. I have since then sent my father to Nine Lives Consulting to redirect his career, which has proven to be very effective.

Lisa M – Organisational Development/HR Manager, Industrial Manufacturing

The benefits of hiring us

Our services increase employee productivity, improve employee engagement and reduce costs in replacing valued employees. Candidates: gain confidence and improve your personal career brand, allowing you to transition faster and feel supported.

Avoid Costs

Such as fewer departure disputes and litigation

Better Prepared Candidates

so they move onto new roles quickly

Better Productivity

the organisation adapts to the changes quickly as there is less angst and disruption

Employer Profile

the Employer Brand is enhanced which attracts a better quality applicant.

Positive Engagement

results in greater staff productivity and stability.

Let’s connect

We look forward to getting to know you and discussing our consulting services.

All our consultants are fully and currently vaccinated. Whenever a face to face, personal meeting is appropriate, it can only proceed if both the participant and the counsellor are fully vaccinated. All other meetings are to be conducted via the internet.

In the situation where the participant is not vaccinated and has a valid exemption, the format of the meeting is solely at the discretion of the Consultant.